HCL Domino Notes

About us

Metaware has about twenty years of experience with the development of productivity tools. Keywords: innovative and simple. We have for example contributed to the success of the Senseo ® coffeemaker, to a more efficient transport of Ricoh copiers and to a
surreptitious merger of the Dutch Chambers of Commerce. With Metaware, HG improves its quality, customer focus and safety. And we help Interzorg with quality and human values or Sorgente to supply successful diet nutrition. We would like to contribute to your success with our tools and experience.

Metaware's product range is a consistent package of products and services aimed at quality and knowledge management. It not only includes our standard "ware" products, but also solutions tailored to specific customers. In both cases, our years of experience ensure the development of effective management systems suited to the client's organization. To achieve a successful implementation of new applications within an organization, Metaware offers a clear project approach specifically tailored to future users. The services offered include helpdesk support, workshops, and remote management. Metaware uses HCL (former IBM) collaboration software for the development of its products like Proware, Improware and Infoware.

A good insight into company processes is essential for the development of practical applications, certainly in the case of intranet and workflow management solutions. It is particularly the combination of organizational expertise and software development that forms the unique strength of Metaware.

The Metaware staff has a thorough command of all aspects of the project trajectory, from management and specification to development and implementation. The company also has extensive software maintenance facilities run by specially trained staff. All HCL specialists are certified.

As a software house, Metaware is HCL IBM Business Partner for the development, support, and sale of HCL products.