Metaware platform concept uitvoering

Metaware platform - concept and in progress

For an effective management system, the interaction between established goals and policies, the actual processest, stakeholders and the performance data is important.
It starts with the 'drivers' to control your organization and force you to use an adequate management system: goals, customer requirements, (
mandatory) processes or agreements and legislation. With the 'enablers' it results in the end in satisfied customer. The management system facilitates the 'enablers' in signalling, analysis tools and control options.

This is the way to increase the effectiveness of your management system.

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Platform in progress

The Metaware management systems (Proware, Improware and Infoware) functions as one platform, like building blocks with mutual coherence. The (mandatory) described management system besides all registrations and other performance data. The systems can be used several times for different areas of attention.

Want to know what our management systems can do?
Just for fun, prepare our platform in 60 seconds as a test, a software tool for management systems: documentation, risk analysis, complaint handling, problem reports, audits, supplier management, ... And find the differences with your current way-of-working ...


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Proware demos and video

Do you want to use Proware directly, then click here.

Click for an impression on  the video below. (dutch language)


Demo versions:

Log on automatically on one of the demo systems and experience how it works.