Proware risk based quality management

Excellence in service alone is no longer sufficient. The government is introducing more stringent requirements for quality and safety. The right tools and processes to describe, keep up to date and to communicate are essential.

Proware is a cloud document management and risk management. Current documentation is always available at each location for each employee with access rights. PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone. You and your staff need only deal with the content. Metaware takes care of the rest. That is also the reason that you can try Proware immediately for  30 days without obligation.

Proware offers practical workflow and clear format for document creation, - approval and publishing. Proware was set up under the High Level Structure (HLS) and changes with the certification. So you can be sure to permanently and demonstrably meet the requirements such as ISO 9001, VCA, NEN, OHSAS, SOX, Prezo and HKZ. Risk management is integrated in a unique way in the creation and management process.

Without knowledge of ICT you can customize your Proware software to your own corporate design and manage employee access rights. Investing in infrastructure is not needed, the fixed costs are low.


  • Always and everywhere
  • Works on PC, tablet and smartphone
  • Integrated document creation and – management process
  • Workflow controlled with mail alerts
  • Multiple navigation and – search options
  • Action directed schedule builder
  • Risk management bottom up and top down
  • Dashboard Options trends
  • Reporting user behavior
  • Forms from documents directly accessible
  • Integrated Quality calendar
  • Active notification when read
  • Supports improvement cycle
  • Focusing on certification and regulations
  • No ICT knowledge and infrastructure needed
  • Help desk support
  • Inherent style applied
  • Inherent user management
  • Security Levels adjustment


Proware demos and video

Do you want to use Proware directly, then click here.

Click for an impression on  the video below. (dutch language)


Demo versions:

Log on automatically on one of the demo systems and experience how it works.

Proware modules


Edit quick and easy the meta data of multiple documents. Search and replace the content of the documents.


Access the analysis and management of risks, along with the action taken. Because the method is fixed once you meet the new ISO 9001: 2015 standard.


Speed up the search process by creating your own filters, common phrases as suggestions. Spell checking is available in both Dutch and English.


Construct and maintain flowcharts acording to your wishes. FlowCreator uses the metadata (tag names as processes, functions or standard items). The elements of the schemes are directly linking documents, appendices, charts or external URLs.

Proware versions

132 per month
  • 3 core users
  • Number of readers unlimited
  • *
On request
  • 50 core users
  • Number of readers unlimited
  • *
On request
  • More than 50 core users
  • Number of readers unlimited
  • *

* Further details in proposal including combination discount if several applications.

Proware app

The App Proware is freely available. For each smartphone or tablet, on any workplace.Proware op de iphone en ipad

With the app the documents from one's own quality system are easy accessible. The navigation structure is the same as in the pc version of Proware. Go to the Apple AppStore or Google play store and download the App. Search for 'Proware'. or click on the banner below.

Also directly with the web browser: