Proware module RiskManagement

A substantial extension the new ISO9001: 2015 standard is risk management.
You must identify and assess your own business risks related to the quality of your product or service and, if necessary, take appropriate measures. You should describe the method used.

This can be a difficult job if you have to do that for the first time, but we would like to help you. With the practical and integrated module RiskManagement, in accordance with the requirements of the latest versions of standards like ISO 9001, ISO 27001 and ISO 14001.

Simple and goal-oriented

The risk analysis and treatment is about the chance and the result and the risk that this leads to. This Proware + module visualises the connection between chance, effect and risk in a visual way. By determining the chance and the result for a certain threat in five grades, the risk can immediately be calculated and displayed visually. If risk reduction measures are applied, the risk is simply recalculated and compared with the desired risk. Otherwise, view our presentatie Risico management ISO 9001 stapsgewijs (Dutch) or video below.

The approach has been positively assessed by various certification bodies and the Accreditation Council.


Without getting too many details, the effect of the various risks is clear in several overviews. Effect of the risks to the (sub) processes, functions or locations is possible.

Residual risk

The remaining risks, the residual risk, must be accepted. This is easily secured through the integration with Proware's authorization cycle. The risk assessment is also simple to perform periodically by including this in the revision process.

Creative customers

Risk management applies to many more areas. Several clients also use the RiskManagement module for the RIE - Risk Inventory & Evaluation and recently also the DPIA - Data Protection Impact Assessment. The latter is a mandatory part of the privacy legislation GDPR at a 'likely high risk'.


Click for an impression on the video (Dutch) below.


Proware+ RiskManagement in key words


  • Fully integrated risk management tool
  • A better overview thanks to a visual approach
  • Immediately a descriped method, required in eg ISO9001: 2015
  • Calculation of effectiveness of applied measures
  • Follow-up measures according to own workflow
  • Feedback effectiveness implemented measures
  • Visual display risk levels
  • Risk levels from different viewpoints
  • Automatic hierarchy in risk levels
  • Social way-of-working for identifying and managing risks
  • Authorization cycle for residual risk approval
  • Monitoring for all risk sources and the risk treatment plan
  • Lower maintenance burden due to integration

Start immediately

Do you want to start right away? You can put our management system online in 60 seconds for a 30-day trial. Use the Try now button. Or first start the own risk analysis process with a list of generic risks (Dutch).

If you want to know more first, click on contact and indicate if you have specific points for attention. Through screen sharing we can give you a demonstration of this Proware + module. You then get a good idea of ​​how Proware + works for your risk and quality management and your questions can be answered immediately.
Or is it more substantive? What does a risk management process look like, for example? No problem, the (certified) employees of Metaware are ready to answer your questions.