Infoware: digital forms online

"A caller is faster 'is outdated. Place, with Infoware, on location, data which are available directly at the head office. And vice versa. Infoware enables quick and adequate action possible, and if necessary increase without wasting time.
Infoware is a cloud solution, suitable for PC, laptop, tablet or phone. Easy to use: you just keep working on the content. Metaware takes care of the rest. That's why you you can try Improware  in minutes for 30 days without obligation.

Create new forms effortlessly, adjust them digitally and make it available with multiple levels of access rights.

Activities and processes are measured by rapid reports at any time.

Without knowledge of ICT you can adapt your Infoware to your own corporate design and manage employee access rights. Investing in infrastructure is not needed, the fixed costs are low.


  • Always and everywhere
  • Works on PC, tablet and smartphone (responsive design)
  • Dynamic layout
  • Elements library
  • Data validation
  • Default settings
  • Escalate automatically or manually
  • Configurable workflows mail alert
  • Online monitoring and reporting
  • Portal options
  • Connections with enterprise systems like MS Sharepoint, Dynamics
  • No ICT knowledge and infrastructure needed
  • Helpdesk support
  • Inherent style applied
  • Inherent user management
  • Security Levels adjustment

Infoware demos and video

Would you like to use Infoware, then click here.

Click for an impression on the video below. (dutch language)



Demo versions:

Log on automatically in one of the demo systems and experience how it works.

Infoware versions

132 per month
  • 3 core users
  • Unlimited number of forms
  • *
On request
  • 50 core users
  • Unlimited number of forms
  • *
On request
  • More then 50 core user
  • Unlimited number of forms
  • *

* Further details in proposal including combination discount if several applications.